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Firstly the belated stuff:
Happy Birthday Nanja and hope everybody had a good de sint who celebrates it.

ok with that done whats been happening in the world of Kez?

well it dawned on me tonight that in acouple of weeks time it'll be three years since i last went out with someone, not a big deal but i always seem to be surrounded by couples and it makes me feel rather lonely.
Secondly we had the Rothbury christmas bash tonight, it was fun we played cards and there was this whole incident with britts missing boot (not shoe :P)i played along with most of the cd of christmas stuff on my acoustic guitar not too bad seeings as ive never played any of those songs before. Due to menstural cycles im in extreme pain like cannot move right now, never had that kinda problem before but i think im gonna stay sat here a while.
I caught the bug thats been going round at the mo but drugged up to the eyeballs i didnt feel too bad till now.
Works going well i'm actually working hard on my studys and leaning more actionscript than ever before. Also learning how to use photoshop(shaddup i use flash to draw normally ok?), dreamweaver and sony dvd suite.
My reason for not being online much: we had two internet providers sky for the wireless peeps me and my dad and virgin wired for my sister and brother. Now skys been cancelled and my brother wont let me hook up to the wired router meaning my works suffering a bit as well as my cyber social life. I said i'd get a wire from ghi on wednesday but he found out and now mum says its prolly best not to get one cos he's pissed i found a solution, shes working on him to allow me access but he's being a stuborn knobhead. I miss the net, got to talk to my sis nan today tho so its not too bad.
As from tomorrow my holidays start a lil early, i missed class today ill but thursday is my dads birthday so im not gonna go in for it.
Newcastle won a game and drew against the league leaders arsenal too i dunno whats made them buck up but im sure glad they are.
It's soo coooool here shivering in the front room brrr if i go to bed i will freeze (im not kidding i left some cider in my cupboard and it was fridge cold) with me being ill thats not a good idea.
The doctor who trailers have started todays one giving away the fact that the titanic is a spaceship in the shape of the original titanic and not just the boat that hit an iceberg, maybe the tardis is this spaceships iceberg i dunno.
Any david tennant fans will need to know that he will be on top gear driving the reasonably priced car and Billie Piper fans will be glad to hear that she will be GUEST STARRING IN 3 EPISODES NEXT SEASON!!! I swear i'm not kidding you its in one of the christmas tv books the a5 one with dr who on the front for about 80p.
Yes haha need to know the latest dr who goss its the kez you come to!
Erm thats all i really have, If I don't get online again before christmas(which sadly seems likely) I wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year. If it takes that long to come online I will then be 23 as my birthday is annoyingly new years day. Yes its nice to have the day off on my birthday each year but nothings open and macdonalds dinners are nastier than usual.
Anyway happy holidays an dont eat too much turkey! save room for chocolate instead!
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On December 12th, 2007 11:29 pm (UTC), 829mika commented:
wah late comment, not that much on lj lately XDDD
but ah yeah being around only couples can feel a bit lonely sometimes yes >.>
and good that things at work are going well~
and pshh noo~ i noticed you are less online T.T too badd, too baddd~
anywayss~ hope you'll be having stable interwebss soon again~
and if i don't speak to you before christmas and all that stuff, merry christmas and a happy newyear to you too~
and your birthday is on new years day? that's awesome XD or atleast it seems awesome~ :D
fireworks on your birthday ^.^ and oh happy birthday already o.o
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