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Merry Christmas all

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Todays been a rather subdued day for me, remind me that when ever I get drunk on my own not to. Things become clearer, I question my life and things. Someone the other day said that i'm multi-talented. I'd like to see that but i'm having a hard time see what they are an if any of them could help me get a decent career. I'm not sure what i'm studying is what i'll do as a career i don't think i will be good enough. I only just passed the year last summer despite what Jo tryed to convince me I got a 2.2 not exactly good...
I don't think this course is helping me with what I want to do I wanna be an animator thats if i ever manage to learn to draw good, i'm not sleeping again, do i carry on studying if i dont think its for me?
As for today i got some cool presents got some art stuff, japanese language book, some makeup (dont laugh!), and a sonic screwdriver! mum came down later and gave me a 20 pound note saying we didnt get you a big present so get something you really want, hmv have the first 2 series of the mighty boosh on dvd for a tenner (well online dont see why the shop should be different)so i'll get that i dunno what'll happen now the series has finished. When i get paid im going to get a ticket for the live show anyone wanna come with?
I also gotta save up for easter that'll be fun.
Life feels empty and a little pointless right now
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On December 25th, 2007 09:33 pm (UTC), xlovexlolitax commented:
*hugs* Life isn't empty or pointless love *hugs*
And, I think you're drawings are awesome. What? Just because they don't fit into the mould of disney of anime or any of those means it's not good? They're unique and that makes them special :)
I believe you'll make a great animator Kez :)
Wow - cool pressies :D
p.s. my msn isn't working - it's wanting me to shoot it I swear - that's why I haven't been on!
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On December 25th, 2007 10:02 pm (UTC), rolephant replied:
it just feels that way right now, like things just dont matter
you think they are ok? i was watching wallace and gromit and thinking i'd like to do that,make british animation good again
yeah due to sonicscrewdriver and the fact i have a pinstripe suit and converse me and a friend are going to film our own dr who series with silly adventures
also try www.ebuddy.com talk to you soon!
On December 26th, 2007 06:43 am (UTC), xlovexlolitax replied:
Will do. :)
Now you duffer (I'm a duffer too) I told you my old journal, then afterwards realised and told you I left it. But that was only in passing. lol. This is my current journal and I will not be moving from it as all public posts are announcements and snippets of and about my writing. *sighs* I'm being published in '08 so I'm getting myself set up. I still make a lot of personal entries as well, a lot though are to do with my writing which along with work has become all consuming and I'm just always sick. I spent all day yesterday violently ill - it was the first day I haven't had anything on and it all just caught up with me. meh.
I think you're art is fine darling :D
And you should do that! :D *hugs*
I'm so excited - I got a scanner/printer/copier for Christmas yesterday from my parents! No more fighting to get my art onto the computer!
There are recent photos and some sketches at this journal by the way :D
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