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the biggest discovery of my life!!!

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Ok I had a big wobble yesterday talking to millie about my inability to draw, she was saying ok its not disney or manga but its unique. I wasnt very convinced in all honesty cos if the voice in your heads been bulliying you about it for as long as you can remember one person saying other wise wasnt gonna make it shut up (shut it alright i know im mental) so i decided to use an old sketchbook as my own rather than an old uni one.
So i drew my signature toon on the first page if you dont know what it looks like are you just snooping this journal? Second page I thought I'd try life drawing something i rarely do cos im awful at it even worse drawing someone. So I thought hmm what can i draw then looking down at my laptop my desktop back ground was of the mighty boosh which i've gotten into big time recently and so I thought i'd try and draw noel (vince) and erm i actually think it looks a bit like him. First time i drew someone who doesnt look like a demented 4 year old with a crayon drawing with their left hand (being a lefty myself that sounds weird but shush and go with the majority we're over ruled 4 to 1)anyhoo yes erm i dont have a scanner here its at the flat i'm gonna ask to borrow dads tomorrow if he says no you'll have to wait but I feel a whole weights lifted, i finally did something i'm proud of, it's not picasso but yey!
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On December 31st, 2007 03:46 am (UTC), xlovexlolitax commented:
I refuse to say it k?
Just scan 'em in and let us see! :D Can't wait!!!
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On December 31st, 2007 03:50 am (UTC), rolephant replied:
i will tomorrow!
or i'll try and take a photo
are you busy? *puppy eyes* ebuddy?
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