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The Kez Chronicles :P

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got any game recomendations?
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ok ive been up all night again, been teaching shawn who's chinese some christmas songs, we can cos christmas has officially started now the cocacola ads been on, feel quite festive at the mo now loaded a whole load of christmas music on the mp3 player. Me and Edd duetted on the pogues at 4am haha
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journal for trip is like half done so be patient!

stole of a mad womanCollapse )

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im off to amsterdam! to see plastic tree!
if anyone has anything to say, say it now or u'll have to wait till monday
can someone please text me the newcastle vs sunderland result on saturday?
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if not, anyone going to plastic tree on saturday going through amstel and can meet me at the coach station right next to the train station please?
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bulmers is in lous wslords savage!
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i'll be in amsterdam at 10 in the morning anyone wanna meet me at amstrel coach station?

about earlier i was angry and im sorry

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for halloween do i go as
harry potter or doctor who? results will be posted on thursday
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Which social networks do you use?:
How often do you use them?:
What features do you find most useful on each network?:
Why do you use the networks?:
Are there any features you would like to see?:
Any features you feel are useless/annoying on these sites?:
What's your favourite design site and why?:
Do you deviant art/ any other port folio site?

Thnaks dudes!

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