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The Kez Chronicles :P

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Step 1: Put your music player on shuffle.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 50 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing.
Step 3: Strike through the songs when someone guesses both artist and track correctly.
Step 4: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!
Step 5: If you like the game post your own!

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loans are in!!!! i have money again woooooo!
first survey of 2008Collapse )
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I'm thinking of ditching uni and taking a motor mechanics course at south tyneside college. What do you guys think? I'm really serious about this.
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mum just recorded perfume for me and she sad its the most miserable film shes ever seen and said does he die in the end? and i said yeah he gets eaten! and shes like oh good!
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Ok I had a big wobble yesterday talking to millie about my inability to draw, she was saying ok its not disney or manga but its unique. I wasnt very convinced in all honesty cos if the voice in your heads been bulliying you about it for as long as you can remember one person saying other wise wasnt gonna make it shut up (shut it alright i know im mental) so i decided to use an old sketchbook as my own rather than an old uni one.
So i drew my signature toon on the first page if you dont know what it looks like are you just snooping this journal? Second page I thought I'd try life drawing something i rarely do cos im awful at it even worse drawing someone. So I thought hmm what can i draw then looking down at my laptop my desktop back ground was of the mighty boosh which i've gotten into big time recently and so I thought i'd try and draw noel (vince) and erm i actually think it looks a bit like him. First time i drew someone who doesnt look like a demented 4 year old with a crayon drawing with their left hand (being a lefty myself that sounds weird but shush and go with the majority we're over ruled 4 to 1)anyhoo yes erm i dont have a scanner here its at the flat i'm gonna ask to borrow dads tomorrow if he says no you'll have to wait but I feel a whole weights lifted, i finally did something i'm proud of, it's not picasso but yey!
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Todays been a rather subdued day for me, remind me that when ever I get drunk on my own not to. Things become clearer, I question my life and things. Someone the other day said that i'm multi-talented. I'd like to see that but i'm having a hard time see what they are an if any of them could help me get a decent career. I'm not sure what i'm studying is what i'll do as a career i don't think i will be good enough. I only just passed the year last summer despite what Jo tryed to convince me I got a 2.2 not exactly good...
I don't think this course is helping me with what I want to do I wanna be an animator thats if i ever manage to learn to draw good, i'm not sleeping again, do i carry on studying if i dont think its for me?
As for today i got some cool presents got some art stuff, japanese language book, some makeup (dont laugh!), and a sonic screwdriver! mum came down later and gave me a 20 pound note saying we didnt get you a big present so get something you really want, hmv have the first 2 series of the mighty boosh on dvd for a tenner (well online dont see why the shop should be different)so i'll get that i dunno what'll happen now the series has finished. When i get paid im going to get a ticket for the live show anyone wanna come with?
I also gotta save up for easter that'll be fun.
Life feels empty and a little pointless right now
* * *
ok well things are ready for a little party with me and my siblings, we shall drink lots, eat many pringles and dance lots including annual breakdancing comp and a prize for the most embarrasing dance so far richards gorrila dance looks the favourite
there shall be videos of these have no fear.
Me and glenn are making a series soon call doctor who and sarah jane
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hi i am finally back on the net
spoke to lots of people on the phone yesterday too
theres a mouse under my bed how do i get rid of it without killing the thing? humane traps arent working and its too fast to catch by hand
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Firstly the belated stuff:
Happy Birthday Nanja and hope everybody had a good de sint who celebrates it.

ok with that done whats been happening in the world of Kez?

well it dawned on me tonight that in acouple of weeks time it'll be three years since i last went out with someone, not a big deal but i always seem to be surrounded by couples and it makes me feel rather lonely.
Secondly we had the Rothbury christmas bash tonight, it was fun we played cards and there was this whole incident with britts missing boot (not shoe :P)i played along with most of the cd of christmas stuff on my acoustic guitar not too bad seeings as ive never played any of those songs before. Due to menstural cycles im in extreme pain like cannot move right now, never had that kinda problem before but i think im gonna stay sat here a while.
I caught the bug thats been going round at the mo but drugged up to the eyeballs i didnt feel too bad till now.
Works going well i'm actually working hard on my studys and leaning more actionscript than ever before. Also learning how to use photoshop(shaddup i use flash to draw normally ok?), dreamweaver and sony dvd suite.
My reason for not being online much: we had two internet providers sky for the wireless peeps me and my dad and virgin wired for my sister and brother. Now skys been cancelled and my brother wont let me hook up to the wired router meaning my works suffering a bit as well as my cyber social life. I said i'd get a wire from ghi on wednesday but he found out and now mum says its prolly best not to get one cos he's pissed i found a solution, shes working on him to allow me access but he's being a stuborn knobhead. I miss the net, got to talk to my sis nan today tho so its not too bad.
As from tomorrow my holidays start a lil early, i missed class today ill but thursday is my dads birthday so im not gonna go in for it.
Newcastle won a game and drew against the league leaders arsenal too i dunno whats made them buck up but im sure glad they are.
It's soo coooool here shivering in the front room brrr if i go to bed i will freeze (im not kidding i left some cider in my cupboard and it was fridge cold) with me being ill thats not a good idea.
The doctor who trailers have started todays one giving away the fact that the titanic is a spaceship in the shape of the original titanic and not just the boat that hit an iceberg, maybe the tardis is this spaceships iceberg i dunno.
Any david tennant fans will need to know that he will be on top gear driving the reasonably priced car and Billie Piper fans will be glad to hear that she will be GUEST STARRING IN 3 EPISODES NEXT SEASON!!! I swear i'm not kidding you its in one of the christmas tv books the a5 one with dr who on the front for about 80p.
Yes haha need to know the latest dr who goss its the kez you come to!
Erm thats all i really have, If I don't get online again before christmas(which sadly seems likely) I wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year. If it takes that long to come online I will then be 23 as my birthday is annoyingly new years day. Yes its nice to have the day off on my birthday each year but nothings open and macdonalds dinners are nastier than usual.
Anyway happy holidays an dont eat too much turkey! save room for chocolate instead!
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